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Co- Founders

 Pastors Bob & Toni Mariani

Ordained in 1984, directed a home for unwed Mothers in Tucson, AZ before coming to Colorado. In 2001 they founded Lighthouse Mobile Ministries as an outreach to the homeless. As the ministry grew the next generation joined them. Pastors Jack & Angel Harper, Rev. Laura  & Jeff Lowe  are now overseeing and running the ministry  along with the help of volunteers. In 2014 the board decided to change the ministry name to Bena Ministries to start in 2015 to incorporate all the facets of the ministry.


Greetings to our precious Family, Friends & Champion Supporters,

We had an awesome Christmas celebration with most of our family and friends. God’s Spirit of Peace surrounded us. He’s presence was felt by us. We sang happy birthday to Jesus, played games, opened presents and ate the most delicious desserts. The greatest of all is our homes were filled with the sound of JOY. Jesus hope, peace, joy and love were very evident.

 As we get ready to step into a new year, we talked about resolutions. We decided we desired to have a closer walk with Jesus, our heavenly Father and to get to know the Holy Spirit more and more. In order to do this, it will take more quiet times with them, to obey their instructions and to always love God and accept all people. John 3: 30 says, “Christ must increase and I must decrease.” That’s our goal for 2019.

The scriptures tell us, “They knew the disciples had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:13 That’s our desire this year, that all men may know we have been with Jesus. We pray as we go through each day and have the privilege of touching people for God, that they will be filled with His hope, peace, joy and most of all, His love.

In November, I (Pastor Toni), heard the Holy Spirit whisper these words to me. I pray they will touch you as they have touched me, my family and friends. Frame them and keep them close.

Christ is there

Whether you are in the dark or the light, Christ is there.

Whether you are sad or happy, Christ is there.

Whether you are ill or well, Christ is there.

Whether you are talking or praying, Christ is there.

Whether you are warring or in peace, Christ is there.

Whether you are in fear or faith, Christ is there.

Whether you are crying or laughing, Christ is there.

Whether you are on the wrong side or right side,


So no matter where you are,

Christ will always be there with you.

November 11, 2018

Inspired by the Holy Spirit


Have a blessed and healthy 2019


Blessings from our home of love to your home of love,

Pastors Bob and Toni 



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                          5. Commitment to God                               6. Communion

                          7. Faith, Believe God's Word                      8. No More Doubt

                          9. Right Attitude=Great Health                  10. Speak Life No Gray Area

                         11. Walking in Forgiveness                        12. Only Believe

                         13. Shalom/Peace                                     14. Commitment

                         15. Peaceable Faith Attitude                      16. if you don't want it, don't say it

                          17. Let's Give God a Day of Praise           18. Sit, Walk, Stand


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