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Co- Founders

 Pastors Bob & Toni Mariani

Ordained in 1984, directed a home for unwed Mothers in Tucson, AZ before coming to Colorado. In 2001 they founded Lighthouse Mobile Ministries as an outreach to the homeless. As the ministry grew the next generation joined them. Pastors Jack & Angel Harper, Rev. Laura  & Jeff Lowe  are now overseeing and running the ministry  along with the help of volunteers. In 2014 the board decided to change the ministry name to Bena Ministries to start in 2015 to incorporate all the facets of the ministry.

 The rest of god

Grace and peace from God, our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, to all of our family, friends and BENA Champions,

Amazing as it seems, new life pushes through the hard, cold, somewhat frozen dirt of winter. Both flowers and weeds are making a display of themselves. They are vying for your attention saying, “Look at me, I made it through the winter season and now I can bask in the warm sun my God provides for me.

Just as the earth spins and we are promised by God we will see the sun and the moon faithfully, so to spring brings with it another chance of life. As we anticipate the arrival of buds and flowers, birds and bees, we need to shake off the dull drums of winter.

We know come Mother’s day and Memorial Day there will be many flowers given to so many. They will be given to moms, living and dead. If your mom is alive, now is the time to show your appreciation. Both of our moms are in heaven. All we can do is remember the fun times we had. The time for showing our appreciation to them is gone. O how we loved our moms. I’m sure the same as all of you who are reading this. We know our moms are both in heaven with Jesus. They are in the true rest of God.

We are here and instructed by Jesus to rest in Him and cast our cares upon Him while we are here on earth. President Ronald Reagan said, “with in the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems we face.” What a great truth he was sharing with the American people. O how we wish every American would open God’s word and be filled with His rest. A commitment to read and follow God’s word begins a daily journey of discovering how much God loves, comforts, answers and protects us. That’s our God. One who fills us with all hope.

His word for this year was to thank Him know matter what the situation (1Thess. 5: 18). So let’s reflect on how this Gospel of Grace has affected our lives. We have so much to be thankful for day after day. Just our next breath is given us by God’s grace. Let us be aware of what Jesus did for all of us. It’s time to make sure we trust Him with are whole heart, not half or one-third or whatever, but all of our hearts. When we trust God, refuse to worry and choose to praise and thank Him through the battles of each day, we will experience His rest. Rest that goes beyond our understanding.

As the flowers break through, we are reminded that this is exactly what Jesus did when He rose from the dead. The creep and all the demons stood at the foot of the cross and were cheering, “we got Him. We got Him.” Can you hear them thinking they had won? But God and I really mean, but God, by His power rose Christ from the dead. Jesus shook off death and rose triumphantly with the greatest assault against evil the world had ever seen. Christ rose with the keys to God’s rest and conquered death once and for all who believe. Take time this spring and enjoy the majesty of God’s beauty as His resurrection power ignites every precious flower. Scripture says, “we know not how they grow, but they grow.”  (Mark 4: 26-29)

We bless all the Mothers with God’s joy, love and wisdom.

We bless all the ones who have lost service people with fond memories of their loved ones.

We send blessings from our home of love to your home of love.

Pastors Bob & Toni Mariani



A gentle and quiet spirit

When you are forgotten or neglected or, purposely set at naught,

And you smile inwardly, glorying in the insult or the oversight,

Because thereby counted worthy to suffer with Christ……. that is VICTORY.

When your good is evil spoken of, when your wishes are crossed,

Your taste offended, your advice disregarded, your opinion

Ridiculed, and you take it all in patient, loving silence……that is VICTORY.

When you are content with any food, any raiment, any climate, any

Society, any solitude, any interruption by the WILL OF GOD……. that is VICTTORY!!!

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  Pastor Toni's Book  " Wisdom from the Vine" 

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Available CD's   1. Abundant Mind Thinking                         2. Active or Passive Faith

                          3. Authority of the Believer                         4. Battle is in our mind

                          5. Commitment to God                               6. Communion

                          7. Faith, Believe God's Word                      8. No More Doubt

                          9. Right Attitude=Great Health                  10. Speak Life No Gray Area

                         11. Walking in Forgiveness                        12. Only Believe

                         13. Shalom/Peace                                     14. Commitment

                         15. Peaceable Faith Attitude                      16. if you don't want it, don't say it

                          17. Let's Give God a Day of Praise           18. Sit, Walk, Stand


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