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Co- Founders

 Pastors Bob & Toni Mariani

Ordained in 1984, directed a home for unwed Mothers in Tucson, AZ before coming to Colorado. In 2001 they founded Lighthouse Mobile Ministries as an outreach to the homeless. As the ministry grew the next generation joined them. Pastors Jack & Angel Harper, Rev. Laura  & Jeff Lowe  are now overseeing and running the ministry  along with the help of volunteers. In 2014 the board decided to change the ministry name to Bena Ministries to start in 2015 to incorporate all the facets of the ministry.

New life, speak life

Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to all of our family, friends and Bena Ministries Champions.

Even though winter seems to want to hang on, one thing for sure is that Spring is on its way. Spring reminds us of the New Life Christ gave us. As our eyes scan the dead earth we think maybe there is no life in our surroundings. The earth looks just the way we were before we invited Jesus into our lives and hearts.

In just a few days our hope will be restored as we see the first crocus pop it’s beautiful head out of that frozen earth. Paul instructed us to put off the old man and put on the new man…put on Christ, put on His character and we are changed into a New Life.

In Matt.8:8, the centurion says to Jesus “…only speak a word…” Well Jesus has spoken. He instructs us to ask the Father for anything in His name and you will receive it that your joy may be full. (John 16: 23 -24) Jesus says, “Only Believe. Choose Life. Speak Life.”

God’s word to us this year is to be thankful in all circumstances. As we trust and thank Him we will see His glory manifested like never before. His glory will be all around us. We will receive same day blessings and miracles will happen. As we choose to speak life and His word, we will receive God’s blessings.

It only takes the word of God in our mouths to change a situation or a circumstance. If you don’t know what word to speak, then speak His name over and over and over until the situation is no longer in the fore front of your mind. You will find that now Jesus, with all His love, joy and peace, is in your heart.  Perhaps the situation hasn’t changed, but your heart is now trusting Him, you have Let Go and God can arise and take charge of whatever was troubling you. Set your eyes on Jesus. Jesus is always willing to change our circumstances. Our advice is: Look Up and Let God change your atmosphere with His presence, healing and deliverance.

Here’s a few things to reflect on during this preparation for Resurrection Sunday: Jesus gave His back for our healings and His head so we could have His mind. He gave His hands so we could lay our hands on others and they are healed. Jesus gave His feet so we could be sure footed as a deer and we could carry the gospel of peace wherever we go. He gave His life so we could have eternal life with Him. What more could He give. Jesus gave His all for you and yours and the whole world.

As you celebrate your new life in Christ, plan to only SPEAK LIFE over yourself, your loved ones, your enemies, your nation, your co-workers and your church body. The right words spoken are like apples of gold and they bring NEW LIFE and God’s blessings with them. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the words you need to speak. The Holy Spirit is our Guide, Counselor, and Comforter. He is here to comfort us in our uncomfortable places.   

“who himself bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness-by whose stripes you were healed” (1 Peter 2:24)

Blessings to you and all your family from our family as we all enjoy spring.

Pastors Bob & Toni

March Prayer: This is a little different from what we normally put for a prayer. We hope you enjoy it.

The tree that did

You’ve heard the story of the little train that could.

This is the story of the big tree that did.

There was a tree that had the privilege of holding Jesus as He completed the purpose of His life: to give us eternal life with God, to reveal how much they love us, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and how much they desire us to walk in the fullness and fire of their Spirit.

A chosen tree meant to hold our Savior as He poured out His love for each of us in the form of blood, sweat, and agony. That tree upon which Jesus died became our tree of eternal life.

I could hear the trees talking amongst themselves, “Which of us will be chosen? I hope it’s me! NO, me! NO, me! Choose me, please.” So goes the conversation.

Oh, if that tree could talk to us. Would it feel bad because it had slivers? The tree knew it wasn’t perfect. It knew it wasn’t smooth. It had nothing but rough edges and splinters to offer such a holy One.

It had limbs to hold the Savior of the world and it was impressed that was the most important part it would play in all eternity.

We read in the scriptures that the law was nailed to the tree. Three nails held our Savior on that chosen tree. We often wonder what happened to that tree? Was it just thrown aside, was it used for the next one who would be crucified, did it get used for fire wood or what?

We know Jesus took all of our sins to that tree. It should have been us upon that tree, not Jesus. His love was splattered all over that tree. If we were to go behind that tree and view His striped back, we would know Jesus wants all of us to walk in divine health. 1 Peter 2:24

We may never know what tree was chosen for the task of serving our precious Savior but                                            all in all, the tree that could, DID!

 Pastor Toni Mariani, March 1, 2018, Colorado Springs, Co, 719-633-6800

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                          9. Right Attitude=Great Health                  10. Speak Life No Gray Area

                         11. Walking in Forgiveness                        12. Only Believe

                         13. Shalom/Peace                                     14. Commitment

                         15. Peaceable Faith Attitude                      16. if you don't want it, don't say it

                          17. Let's Give God a Day of Praise           18. Sit, Walk, Stand


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